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IEICE Beijing Section Activities and Plans

The goal of IEICE Beijing Section is to promote the academic communication between China and Japan, and provide specific services to its members.

Current Activity Scope and Influence

In the past 14 years, IEICE Beijing Section has made a lot of efforts to realize the goal described above. It has organized about 40 special lectures by inviting distinguished professors and researchers from the whole world to introduce their cutting-edge research achievements; technically co-sponsored almost 20 international conferences, symposia, workshops or similar events; enhanced the communication among section members and with other sections by various activities, e.g., established the mailing list of section members, distributed I-Scover leaflets in international conference, and attended annual IEICE All Section Meeting. Besides these activities, another contribution of IEICE Beijing Section is to encourage and attract many researchers and students to join IEICE overseas membership. Currently, the number of IEICE overseas membership in China reaches to 1500, which is over 10 times more than that in 2003. Among them, nearly 300 memberships are in Beijing. These activities of IEICE Beijing Section greatly promoted the academic communication between China and Japan, and enhanced the internationalization of IEICE.

Call for Collaboration and Support

In order to promote scholarly growth, industrial advancement, and cultivation of human resources, and also in the pursuit of international network and collaboration, IEICE Beijing Section looks forward to strengthen its regional and global linkages through research and academic collaborations with IEICE Societies and IEICE Local and International Sections. We also seek for the best level of support from all as we embark on this exciting and yet challenging journey.

About IEICE International Activities